Finding and Solving Problems in Society

The purpose of all our businesses is to “solve social problems,” and the means to achieve this goal is “employee growth.

For example, home appliance manufacturers produce air conditioners because they are part of the solution to the problem of unbearable summer heat. One might ask, “Is this really such a big deal that it’s a social problem?” But if the summer heat is left unchecked, people will be able to enjoy the benefits of the cooler. However, if the summer heat is left unchecked, the performance of people’s activities will decrease. This can be called a social problem.

However, the days when we could solve problems by simply making things are over. In other words, it has become harder to make money. However, the essence remains the same.

How big a social problem can we solve? This is the lifeblood of a company, and that is what Musashi hopes to be.

from the President

Aiming for Fun Growth

A corporation is a social device for accomplishing a project.

Before the Dutch East India Company, the world’s first joint-stock company, was established, the captain of a ship would save up gold to build a ship and set out on a voyage with his back against the wall in search of gold. If he failed, it would be the end of his life. If the voyage was successful, the captain would pay a dividend to his investors. If the voyage failed, the shareholders would have limited liability and would not retaliate against the leader or even take the house. So a joint stock company is a safety device to drive such an adventure.

Musashi is willing to follow the raison d’être of a stock company and take on the challenge of new ventures, despite the possibility of failure. Therefore, if you just want your own money, this is not the place for you. We are looking for people who have something to accomplish as a leader, or who want to participate in someone else’s project as a member, to make the most of Musashi Inc.

Well, let’s just have fun.

Atsushi Okamoto


Company Name

Musashi Hardware Mfg.

Head Office

1440 Sosa, Yahata-cho, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Pref. 675-1201, Japan
TEL 81-79-438-6611
FAX 81-79-438-6161

Business Centre

551-1, Sato, Heiso-cho, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Pref. 675-1232, Japan
TEL 81-79-429-0222
FAX 81-79-429-0333

Business Locations

・Niigata Office (Sanjo, Niigata)・China Office Inspection & Logistics Center (Zhejiang, China)・Guangdong Inspection & Logistics Center (Guangdong, China)


October 1950


October 1983


Atsushi Okamoto, President and Representative Director


45 million yen

Annual sales

3.05 billion yen (as of February 2021)

Number of employees

80 (including group company employees and part-time employees)

Business Description

Manufacturing and sales of sensor lights, gardening products, etc.

Affiliated company

Proto Co.



Establishment of the company


Started export business


Commended by the Minister of International Trade and Industry as a company contributing to exports for five consecutive years


Establishment of Musashi Co.


Established PROTO Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary to spin off the trading division


Distribution center completed


Received Good Design Award for two models: sensor light R-50S and gardening product P-2001


Opened Niigata Sales Office


Received Good Design Award for gardening products P-2002


Completed Kakogawa Logistics - Inspection Center
Received investment from Investment & Consultation Co.


Started EIN Division


China Office opened


25th Anniversary